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Happy spring!

After a long winter for much of the country, warmer weather is a welcome change. As winter slowly loses her grip, it’s time to think about getting your home ready for spring. Here is a checklist that may help you prepare your indoor and outdoor areas for the change of season:
  • Indoor maintenance
    • Furnace filter — A dirty filter can lower the efficiency of your home’s heating/cooling system so clean or replace as needed.
    • Air conditioning — Test your system before you need it.
    • Caulking — Check for leaks around all doors and windows.
    • Smoke and fire alarms — Clean, check batteries and test.
    • Carpets — Deep clean all carpets.
  • Outdoor Maintenance
    • Check/clean roof — Look for missing, cracked or broken tiles/shingles. For safety reasons, you may want to consider hiring a qualified professional to take care of any repair work.
    • Check driveway and sidewalk — Seal cracks in driveway or any concrete.
    • Check garden hoses and hose faucet — Look for dry rot and inspect hose faucets for possible freeze damage.
    • Check/clean outdoor grills and tanks — Use soapy water to rinse all outside grill surfaces and grill cleaner for grates and inside of grill. Check gas tank for rust and replace if necessary.
Happy cleaning, happy days
Take the time to prepare your home for spring and you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor activities, longer days and milder weather with less worry about household fixes and repairs. Call me so you can be sure you have the coverage you want as your family enjoys the outdoors this spring and summer.

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